Heal Your Life Workshops

Have you been experiencing poor health, bad relationships, unfulfilling work, feelings of ongoing sadness or unhappiness?......then this site is for you.

I have another question for you - are ready for change, I mean really ready?

Sometimes we feel more comfortable with where we are as in “better the devil you know”, so although we say we want change we don't. That is understandable, but it is not what I am about. I am asking you to consider the question now because it makes a big difference to how quickly and if you ever get the changes you want.

I have spent the past ten years assisting people to completely change their lives extremely quickly. Personally I have always been someone who wants things yesterday and I bring that to my work as well. So many people contact me who have been in therapy for years (usually at a great deal of cost) or who have been attending counselling sessions over a period of months and have got to a point where they wonder if anything will ever change or are they just not doing it right. I can tell you, as I tell them, that change can happen quickly like switching on a light if you know where the light switch is. I run two day group and personal workshops throughout the year so that anyone can come and make the changes they have always wanted, happen.

Details of my Heal Your Life Workshops

Can it really just take two days? YES it can and does . I have always been a sceptic, so I can understand why people don't always believe change can happen quickly but just take a look at the testimonials.

I have taken hundreds of people through this process, including three generations of families (not altogether of course), but more importantly I have healed my own life and body and that is what makes me so enthusiastic and determined to share this work with others. So much so I have developed a Heal Your Life Teacher Training Programme so that others can teach this method in their own wonderful way.